Super Sale!!

Here's some old and new drawings up for sale, all individually priced, plus a bit for post and packaging depending on where you are. Let me know if you would like something.

Mermonkeys 30 x 40cm £150

Crocodile Bus 30 x 40 cm £150

A Comfy Seat 30 x 40cm £180

Holiday on the Beach 30 x 40 cm £180 SOLD

Secret Swimming Pool 30 x 40cm £180SOLD

Nice Ice 30 x 40cm £180SOLD

Jungle Giants 30 x 40cm £180

Follow Your Nose 30 x 40cm £180

Lovely Broccoli 30 x 40 cm £180

Balloons and Broccoli 30 x 40cm £180 SOLD

Willy Paint 24 x 32cm £150

Swimming! 20 x 30cm £150

Picking Pineapples, 20 x 30cm £150

Reading on the beach. 20x30cm, £150

Medusa, 30x40cm, £150

LOVE! 30x40cm, £150

Medusa and the stone heads, 30x40cm, £180SOLD

Tortoises fly over the hexagonal city, 30x40cm, £180

Black Diamond Mountain, 30x40cm, £180

Lovely Bath, 30x40cm, £180

Bicycle race, 30x40cm, £180 SOLD

Rainy Leaf People, 30x40cm, £150

Water Soup, 30x40cm, £150
Birdman, 30x40cm, £180

The Poets, 30x40cm, £180

Three Poets, 30x40cm, £180

Woodblock print vaginas!

Limited edition woodblock prints for sale, 22 x 30cm,  Please get in touch if you would like one.








Naked Playing Cards!

1. King of Hearts

2. King of Hearts

3. King of Diamonds

4. King of Spades

5. King of Clubs

6. Queen of Hearts

7. Queen of Hearts

8. Queen of Diamonds

9. Queen of Spades

10. Queen of Diamonds

11. Queen of Clubs

12. Jack of Hearts

13. Jack of Diamonds

14. Jack of Clubs

15. Jack of Spades

Giant crocodile woodcut

                                                    A three colour woodblock print


Inking up the first layer
Inking the second layer

The print with two colours
The third colour on the woodblock

The print with all three colours
Two finished prints in colour variations
Cutting and glueing the print to begin the collage

The final piece