Goblin Market

Here are some drawings I made to illustrate Christina Rossetti's poem, 'Goblin Market.' You can read the poem here,  http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/174262
It is a dark and magical poem, full of mystery and evil. The goblin men are charming when they want to sell their fruit but when things don't go their way they turn evil. In my drawings the goblins want the girls hair to cover their baldness with elaborate hairdos.

Bloody mice

A rather bloodthirsty drawing for a Cinderella story published on the online journal Leopardskin and Limes with whom I have the pleasure to be working.

Nettle Soup

Tiny drawings to fit in a cigar box

Clown Eggs

Invisible Nooodles Broccoli Poodles

Come and see new drawings, screen prints and collages in a super joint show between me and my brother Caspar.

From 3rd sept to 31st Oct, you can see our work at Cafe Nothaft, Schwarzastrasse 9, Berlin. Nr Sonnenallee Sbahn.

Caspars instagram  - instagram.com/kim_vee_wong/

My new instagram -  instagram.com/isabelrockartist/

The amazing poster for the show, made by Caspar. He is available for commissions by any bands or music events that want psychedelic artwork.