Iceland sketches

Here are some drawings made on residency in Iceland last year. It is a story about the cycloptic Pistachio people, the invisible Mountain men who are amazing dancers although no-one can see them and the Sea-slugs who are heads who live in shells. They are incredibly vain and wear fancy hairstyles and eat spaghetti.

A mountain man dancing in front of an island of Pistachio People. They blink in wonder at his dancing 30x30cm

 A sketch of some Sea-slugs who have popped out of a hole to stare at the Pistachio People 30 x 30cm

A Hidden man, a spirit who looks like a man from the front but a tree from the back. This one is waving two hot dogs. 30x40cm

 A drawing about riding my bike to the shop to get some chocolate. 30 x 40cm

 Some sea-slugs at the hair dressers getting their hair done. 30x35 cm

 Sea-slugs discussing something important. 30 x 35cm

  A mountain man dancing for some sea-slugs, 30 x 35 cm

Pistachio people being fired in a trebuchet to a nearby jelly island where they collect green glacé cherries. 30x 35cm

Sea-slugs under water fishing for compliments. 30x 35cm

 A mountain giant picking up pistachios and slugs, it will probably eat them. 30x 35cm

  Sea-slugs with 'super quiffs' 30 x 35 cm

FISH PEOPLE!!!! Having fun underwater. 24 x 30 cm

Two fishes swimming in a pool. 24 x 30cm

 A happy mer-person with a tiny little goat on a rope. 24x 32 cm

 An underwater jelly party. 26 x 30 cm

  Pink swimming pool. 25 x 30 cm

The pineapple warriors invade the toblerome city. 26 x 30 cm

The little known 'Jelly head prawn' 26 x 30 cm